Ladies and Gents, I have arrived

Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé
Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé

After weeks of waiting and four-hand-a-half hours crammed inside an SUV, I’ve made it to Toronto and let me just say, it’s nothing like how I remember it.

Everyone kept telling me that this city was Canada’s answer to New York City. And yes, I can see why they would say that, but I think it reminds me a lot more of Montreal with bits of Ottawa elements sprinkled in.Arriving13

My move-in weekend went by so fast I barely saw it go by. Packing,  unpacking, travelling and familiarizing, it was quite the busy weekend. But after everything, I am so proud I was able to pack six weeks of my life into four suitcases and a carry-on bag.

And just when every one thought I was going to pack ridiculous amounts of shoes and clothing, I proved them wrong! Actually, probably not, but I did do better than what I had thought. It was still a tight ride being surrounded by garment bags but we did it.

Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé

Anyways, when we arrived it was cold. I was really looking forward to the “warmer” weather I’ve been hearing so much about but, unfortunately, that seems to be a myth. Besides me complaining about that, my family, boyfriend, new roommate and I all went out to dinner at…wait for it…Swiss Chalet. Sometimes you just need a good ol’ fashioned chicken dinner. But I wish I could tell you about some wild and crazy night but, the truth is, I unpacked and we all went to bed.

Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé. Rooftop view of Toronto, Canada.
Rooftop view of Toronto, Canada. Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé

The next day we visited the Global studios then made our way to Dundas Square. Now, to most folks, Dundas Square wouldn’t be interesting but like I’ve said before, i haven’t been to Toronto in a very long time and I don’t remember much of it. So just before everyone left, we took the afternoon and explored that little bit of the city.

Photo by Dani-Elle Dubé
My boyfriend, Justin, and I in a cold and windy Dundas Square.
Justin, myself, Sandra (my mom) and Robert (my dad) in Dundas Square.
My new roommate, Nicole, myself and Justin.

But at last, the day was over. My family went back to Ottawa and I went to my new temporary home in the heart of Toronto. I’ve inherited not one, but two new roommates, one who walks on two legs and the other on four.

Meet Ally. One of my new roommates with ridiculously big eyes and an unexplainably pink nose. She is crazy curious and loves to get into things. I know she’s still a kitten but I’ve never met a cat so wired before. My cats are nuts and they don’t even come close to Ally’s energy.

 So now that this crazy weekend is over, it is time to prepare for my first day on the job tomorrow. I thought I was nervous and excited before, but I think it’s been taken to a whole other level now.

Wish me luck!


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